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The eminent and historical cellular jail was built before independence by the British over a period of ten years; this jail was considered to be the most feared jail by the prisoners; it was worse than the capital punishment. The island on which this feared jail is located is isolated from the mainland and by no means could a prisoner escape from this place, it was built in such a way that a prisoner could die a lonely death.  It was based on the panopticon model; where the main guard standing on the central tower could watch all the prisoners but the prisoners could not see any one. None of the inmates which mostly included the freedom fighters or the political convicts could interact with the other inmates; every prisoner was isolated from the other and there was no communication of any type. The cellular jail had 693 cells; and in each cell only one inmate could stay without having any interaction with any other inmate.

The cellular jail was home to most of the freedom fighters, of which some famous inmates were:

  • Diwan singh kalepani
  • Yogendra Shukla
  • Batukeshwar dutt
  • Maulana ahmadullah
  • Abdul rahim sadiqpuri
  • Maulvi liaquat ali
  • Babarao savarkar
  • Vinayak damodar savarkar
  • Bhai parmanand

Those who are planning to visit the cellular jail in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands should have a look at the museum, which has all the historical artifacts which tell about the prisoners and the life that they had spent here.

Iphone spy app without jailbreak

In this contemporary world, usage of mobile phone has increased and so as dishonest activities. If you wish to spy someone then there are so many apps available online which can help you in spying. Iphone Spy App is getting very popular these days because of the amazing features and jailbreak is not needed. You can check videos, photos, messages, mails and chats etc. Some settings are required to get information which you can learn from the internet. Browsing on internet helps you to get so many options so that you can get the best one.

Some of the apps are absolutely free and they work nicely. You just need to collect feedback of other users so that you do not get trapped in bogus application. The apps without jailbreak use icloud credential and for that you need the address. Once you connect with it and after signing up you can get all the information. To check different things, some different settings are needed which you can learn on the web. Iphone spy app is wonderful and it is free for all, using it very easy. No special skills are required to use that and you can check loyalty of your partner, employee etc.


Multimeter reviews for making the right choice

multimeter reviews 6

Multi meters can be life savers that one would not want to miss out on; so if you are thinking of buying a multimeter then below are a few Multi meter Reviews that will guide you in buying the right multimeter.


  • The fluke 87V is a good option but it is a little overpriced; this multimeter can measure anything that is related to electricity and it is in fact designed for heavy use only. This device has a surprise feature which is of taking surface measurements as well with this it also has a built in thermometer. It is a high level multimeter which is perfect for heavy use.
  • Fluke 117 multimeter is reasonably priced as compared to fluke 87V and is perfect for commercial use. It is durable and tough and can be easily used in the field. Except for industrial uses it can easily be put to use in residential and commercial devices. It comes with a three year warranty which is a disappointing point as fluke 87V has lifetime warranty.
  • Another multimeter that you can consider is the Amprobe Am -570 is a great and cheap multimeter. This multimeter has all the features that can be found in an expensive and over priced multimeter. For normal home appliances this multimeter is perfect.

We hope these multimeter reviews would really help and guide one in making the right choice while buying a multimeter. Go through the reviews properly and then make the right choice for your home or office.



Get free likes now

Free musically likes
Getting followers has become easy now days but getting likes on your video is still a challenging task. No one will like your video unless and until it’s good. Many sites are there that promise to provide with free likes on your videos, but many sites charge in order to provide likes. Hence this will make you invest lot in order to get likes on your video. also provides with Free Musically Likes. Having number of likes on your videos will definitely make you popular among everyone. This will also help you to gain popularity and within a moment you can get so many likes with help of this site.

Here are the facilities provided by their site-

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It helps to get likes without doing any sort of effort like requesting or begging.

 Below are features of this site-

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Availing help from the superb designs for menu template

food menu template 2If you have been wondering about the right marketing tools for your restaurant, then one of the most important ways is the menu template. As menu template is one of the basic yet inseparable part of any restaurant, then you can get creative and make it a marketing tool today. You can create a positive impact on your customers by designing the best menu templates which is amazing way for sure.

Avail right help with food menu template – As in these times, when marketing has become very important aspect of every business, then for restaurants as well it is inevitable. There are some amazing marketing strategies that can work positively and planning superb ways for menu templates is truly wonderful in every way. Menu templates have come up to be a great marketing strategy for many which will surely prove to be beneficial. Being the first and the foremost thing of any restaurant, you can find superb designs for food menu template and can avail benefits. From paper size to graphics, font and designs, you can get creative with everything and can see remarkably positive benefits.

As in these days, when you have plenty of marketing plans, then for restaurant you can opt for best marketing ideas through menu templates. There are number of superb benefits that you can avail by the right planning of the menu template through creative designs etc which is truly going to benefit the restaurant.

To show the wifi password hack

1280x720-_2LA wifi network is always protected by a password which is there on almost every network. There was always a need of software which would unveil the code behind it and let the common users get access to a wifi network.  Now, the wifi hacker 2015 hacker software is there to crack the password of the so called protected networks.

The software has to be downloaded from the hosts website and run on the system. The file wifihacker2015.exe has to be initiated to complete the download process. The first four options would come which are:

  1. Encrypt the connection
  2. Secure the connection
  3. Inject with the frozer mode
  4. Man in middle attack

So the user would have to first encrypt his connection because that would protect his network and would leave it go unnoticed by the other networks .After this the user has to secure his connection which masks the network and its IP address and doesn’t let the detecting software know the network which is using the free wifi. After user has to select the SCAN option and scan all the available networks which are there. The list would bring in all the selected available wifi networks and the user can select the network he has to hack and select the HACK IT option. Thus to show the wifi password hack the process is just simple. Once the user clicks on the hack button, the code is hacked and the network is available for usage.

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